A Guide to draw Anime

In drawing an anime, you should know the basic drawing skills. In fact, it is very hard to draw or create an art. The technique in drawing manga is to practice, practice, and practice. There is no better way to be a good animator than practicing. You know very well that drawing requires skills especially if you are not acquainted to it.

In animation, the head part is the hardest one to finish. However, if you have the skill, you can finish it as easy as you can.

Make a grid or line serving as a guide to parallelism and easy formation. Draw a thin line that can be erased without making a trace.

Draw the shape of the face and make it parallel and anime looking, meaning there is use of arc, line and square only. Do not make the face circle.

Next is you have to include the lips, no drawing of curvy lips. The lips should appear curvy using linear drawing.

Next, the pointed nose should be proportion with the lips. Draw using lines and dimension.

Next is the eyes. This is the tricky part because you have to draw two eyes and it is very hard to draw proportionally. In this case, you really have to rely on the guidelines you draw. Measuring should be exact. If you focus, you can make it but you are to make the most of your time to draw perfect two eyes.

Draw the hair that is suitable to the face. The hair should make the face glow. Note that in anime there is no ugly face. After drawing, draw again and again. Start to create a manga story.  The truth is that there is no exact technique for drawing because all artists have their own technique. You can also develop your technique while learning in the field of drawing.